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The Granada Theatre

Many of you know my partner and I have been developing impact projects for film and TV and, as a producer, one of the biggest hurdles to face is all the many details involved like casting, crew, locations and believing that God can provide every need to continue dreaming. This year has already proved that this is the season for many things to come to pass.

A beautiful relationship has ensued with becoming the artistic director of the historical Granada Theater. After a long relationship with the founders of the Inland Conservatory for The Performing Arts, who is currently residing there, it was put upon my heart to see if they had anyone helping on the theater side, and to my great blessing they handed me the keys.

The win is for both of us as m3 plans to film there, produce live events, concerts, and create fundraisers for many non-profits including ICPA and our non-profit Angel The World. Stay tuned for updates as we progress with gratitude in our journey.

If you'd like to help us in our efforts, visit our page and become a patron. We welcome and appreciate any help.

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