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Capturing a Great Story while filming an event for Cell Science

On May 6th, 2016, we filmed a seminar for our client, Cell Science, owned by Dr. Alan Gaveck. The purpose of the seminar was to bring more education to those involved in the industry of stem cell research, therapy and regenerative medicine.

If there were questions that you may have been having about results from stem cell therapy and cellular regenerative medicine, this testimony certainly made you think about a few things. One, you have to believe this lady Rhonda Sojourn has such an amazing testimony it just has to be true.

Fortunately, this impromptu testimony was not even a scheduled interview but one that took place on a quick break during a training workshop on stem cell therapy at the Crowne Plaza in Los Angeles, California. The speaker Dr. Alan Gaveck had mentioned that there were some guests in the audience that had already received stem cell treatments and some even gave their testimonies right then.

On the break, I pulled my camera guy with me and noticed a woman in a wheel chair. As I started talking to her, she was so excited to tell me that after 37 years of a past car accident and many ailments and conditions, some of which I couldn’t even pronounce, she actually had feeling again in her feet and they even started to sweat again which meant the nerve endings were firing up again.

It was clear to me with all of her excitement and great news we needed to film this even though it wasn’t planned and the sound wasn’t great, and there were people in the background. Who cares!! This was a testimony that needed to be filmed raw to touch other lives and give real results as to what Dr. Gaveck and his team are doing in the area of cellular therapy.

Enjoy your new life Rhonda…you deserve it

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