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Indomitable Trailer/Teaser (Part I)

Don't get sick. Don't get sick.

That phrase was constantly going through my head in the week leading up to our shoot, and for good reason. I could feel it. Each day I'd wake up and the throat was a little scratchy. Each day, I was fighting a headache. It was there, and having two weeks to put this together, I was not going to find myself fighting a sickness while we shot.

The schedule was tight, a shoot that had to be done in a short amount of time, because, if it didn't happen before the end of the year, then it would have to wait a few months, and that just wasn't an option. (That will be addressed in future segments)

Don't get sick. Don't get sick.

The night before, I was pretty sure I was going to be alright, but there was a bit of concern, because, in talking with the lead actress, I found out that she was sick.

Then, when the lead actor arrives, I find that he's sick.

And then, during the course of the shoot, two of our crew members get sick, one totally vomiting in the parking lot of one of our locations.

Don't get sick. Don't get sick. I had been telling that to myself the whole week. I guess I should have been saying that over the cast and crew.

Ultimately, despite the sicknesses by both cast and crew, the shoot went relatively smoothly.

Can't wait to show you the result.

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