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Breakdown of Classes

Voice Lessons/Vocal Technique - Private Instruction 1/2-hour and 1-hour classes

Vocal Instruction Beginner

This class is designed for the early beginner to learn basic techniques in breathing, vocal warm-up, learning about tone and range.

Vocal Instruction Intermediate

This class is designed to increase agility and flexibility, and develop range and style while still incorporating basic and more advanced vocal training techniques.

Vocal Instruction Advanced

This class is designed for the student that is actively pursuing the development of their voice as a means to audition and become an artist and become a professional singer.

Vocal Instruction Elite (Artist Development)

This class is designed for those students that are already in the industry and pursuing the many avenues of the entertainment industry.  This student needs direction and mentorship in voice-over training, developing their artistry, songwriting skills and in-studio recording skills.

Vocal Performance 1

This class is designed to give Beginner and Intermediate singers a chance to perform solo and in duo or groups.  Harmony training, blending, mic technique, live and stage presence.

Vocal Performance 2

This class is designed to give discovery to the Advanced student who is auditioning for something, performing live, blocking and choreography of their song or songs, rapport with the audience and set flow.

Vocal Performance Artist Development

This class is designed for single, duo or group performers, vocalists or bands that are in need of instruction in stage presence and audience rapport, building of their performance sets and blocking.

Group Classes (1 Hour)

Intro to Performing Arts (ages 4-7)

Intro to Performing Arts (ages 8-12)

These classes are designed as a self-esteem booster for your child who has shown a natural talent in voice, dance or performing.  This fast paced class allows the instructor to see which area your child is natural at and which areas to develop.

Voice/Acting and Performance (ages 4-7)

Voice/Acting and Performance (ages 8-12)

These classes are designed as the next level in performance for your child.  If they are branching into auditioning for pageants, commercials, getting an agent or for an upcoming performance.

Voice/Acting and Performance (ages 12-adult)

This class is designed for the student who is advancing into real world application with their voice and acting.  A concentrated effort is given to performance per student in what they need to apply to their endeavors.  Each group class individual must audition to be in this class.  It is more affordable than private classes.

Voice-Overs 1

This class is designed for the artist that wants to learn the art of voice-over work in speaking and singing.  Copy will be provided and rehearsed and recorded.

Voice-Overs 2

This class is an in-studio class where a vocal reel will be produced.  Copy will be written and recorded for future representation.

Modeling Etiquette (ages 4-7, boys & girls)

This class is designed to teach etiquette to even the youngest student.  Table manners, sitting right, entering a room, setting a table and a basic runway model and turn.

Modeling Etiquette (ages 8-12, boys & girls)

This class takes modeling to another level as students learn runway walk, photo shoots and commercials.

Modeling Etiquette (ages 13-, men & women)

This class takes more advanced students into real live modeling and model wear, how to audition, getting head shots and a full runway show.

Tutoring (Ages 4-7)

We offer Early Start tutoring as well as homeschooling for older students using your curriculum.  We will engage with your student in our homeschool co-op groups with our tutors to help facilitate their learning.

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